Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello all! This is my practice blog, and like others in this class, I don't know what I'm doing and will appreciate ANY help!
The topic I am interested in for my real blog is to provide accurate information about homelessness, particularly in the Albuquerque area. I have been involved with a non-profit organization, Pennies for the Homeless, for the past nine years and have realized through the years that many people do not know much about the reality of homelessness in our area. My hope is to inform anyone who is interested in learning more and encourage anyone to get involved!


  1. Hey Regan,
    I think that your blog is a wonderful idea and am looking forward to reading it!!!

  2. Hi Regan,

    I like your blog, and set-up. It looks like you are pretty comfortable with this blogging thing.

    My only suggestion would be to move your "About Me" gadget up to the top of the sidebar. That way you have a sort of "byline" kind of set-up. You can do this by dragging it in the "Add a Gadget" area.

    What kind of stuff do you plan to write about on Albuquerque Homelessness. I agree it is a huge issue here with little relief in sight. A potential post idea might be to discuss ways people can make a change here in the community, such as volunteering at Project Share or donating to Roadrunner Food Bank, etc. Or you could share your experiences in volunteering to help out.

    Cool subject! Good Luck!

  3. If you can get access to a digital camera, you can include pictures of experience on the street. Just be mindful of full contact facial shots to protect identities.

    Congrats on this one and the other...keep it up!


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